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Regional Agro Business Center-Vidin /RABC/ is a center for assistance of small, medium, and family agrarian business in Vidin district

It is a non profit society registered in October 2000, re-registered according to NPLE Act for social activities in December 2001

RABC Vidin is the result of the work and partnership of local authorities, business, banks and non governmental sector in 18 months process of economic development of “PLEDGE” Program

RABC Vidin was established with the financial assistance of “PLEDGE” Program, after a USA Ministry of Labor project and USIDA with the co-operation of Ministry of Agriculture and Forests – Sofia

RABC Vidin  involves the efforts of the district and 11 municipalities. VCCI, RDA and Business Center, branch organizations and unions etc. in their work for creation of proper competitive, and economic environment for the development of agrarian business in Vidin district.



“ We are established and we work for and in the benefit of agro business”

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